Top 5 Beauty Myths Debunked

There are many concepts about beauty that we all like to believe in especially since we live in a world where the Internet has become our library. Sometimes, it’s not even the Internet’s fault completely. We all grew up following various trends of different eras and listening to hearsays of stylists at the salons. Unfortunately, back in the days especially, it was difficult to find credit and legitimacy behind a lot of things.

However, there is a need to clear some things out once and for all. In the name of beauty, here are some popular myths that we are debunking for you.

With regular skin treatments and sunscreen, it’s still possible to have fun under the sun.

  1. Injectables Are The Best Beauty Solution

There was a time when whitening injectables became a thing. Shortly after that, the age of fillers and botox was all the rave. A lot of people also started to emphasize that when you start using injectables at an early age, let’s say around your 20’s, that you can prevent signs of aging at all. This information is false. Injecting your beauty products to solve and prevent your beauty issues quickly is not the best idea. Instead, invest in quality ultraceuticals professional peels by The Facial Hub to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Natural Is Always Better

There are more and more people nowadays who favor products with natural ingredients over those consisting of purely synthetic chemicals. And although there is a huge benefit to a lot of natural ingredients, there are certain ones that cause irritations to the skin. Natural ingredients such as clove, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, and tea tree oil can trigger certain reactions to sensitive skin. So, if you want to be more careful with what you use on your body, consider testing it out first. Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean that the results will automatically be better.

  • Treating Hyperpigmentation Once

Hyperpigmentation is a type of skin issue that is plain stubborn. Whether it is in the form of dark spots or freckles, hyperpigmentation doesn’t magically come off with one treatment. If you want to tackle this issue, you need to be mindful when getting treatment. Get a regular IPL skin rejuvenation Brisbane at The Facial Hub to maintain a less visible pigmentation. Also, include a lot of sunscreen products that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to further help with your issue.

  • Wearing Makeup Suffocates Your Skin

Most beauty and skincare experts will tell you to skip wearing makeup at least once every week to allow your skin to breathe. And while letting your skin be makeup free for a day or two is a good idea, the concept that makeup suffocates your skin is not true. Our skin doesn’t have lungs to breathe in and out. However, you should not dismiss the concept of letting your skin “breathe” since going makeup-free will lessen your chances of getting clogged pores and oil build up.

  • When You Find The Right Skincare Regimen, Stick To It

With the wide array of skincare products available in the market today, and with more coming out, it is easy to feel pressured to try what’s new. And while some say that you should stick to a routine that works for you, you should also give in to the idea of trying new things. Your skin can adapt products since it changes over time, so allow yourself to use a rotation of different skin care items.

Choose products carefully.

Final Word

It’s easy to believe a lot of things in this world today, but when it comes to your skin, you should always think twice. Consider all the facts here and be more careful before you give in to the next latest trend. It might be a myth too.