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How to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one

The essential part of our lifestyle- our daily habits– are attained by daily practice of our actions and the thought process. From the early morning start of the day to the sound sleep that we acquire at night- everything gets affected with our good or bad daily habits. Good habits are a boon but bad habits become a difficulty for our own life in due course of time.

It is rightly said that one can acquire bad habits with greater ease than to get rid of them. Therefore, you need to train your mind in some special ways in order to get rid of unwanted bad habits.

Examples of bad habits:

Although we completely understand that what does it mean when we say “bad habits” because there are pre defined notions about bad habits in our society such as drinking too much alcohol, drugs etc. or habitual bad habits such as nose picking, farting in public or using abusive languages in normal practice etc.

Other than these there may be some of our usual daily habits that may become “bad” for us in day to day life routines. For example- sleeping till late in morning may disturb our daily life routine, eating in a hurry or brushing till your gums start bleeding etc. In order to get rid of these bad habits you must know in first place that we cannot simply get “rid” of all our bad habits. Instead it will be possible to replace them with another habit that may not affect our lifestyle in a troublesome manner. In fact it can be seen as an opportunity to inculcate some good habit in our life routine that can be of use to us.

Adopt following measures to replace bad habits with the good ones:

  1. Understand the reason of your habit and look for alternatives:

You require your own attention. Think about the reasons and the conditions that have propagated your bad habits into formation. Now is the time to think of alternate good habits that can be replaced consciously with effort in place of these bad habits. For example- if you know that you cannot resist the temptation of drinking alcohol, can there be something else you can do in that time even more interesting that may give you “higher” sense of relief- may be you can go for a drive with your friends or partner and start spending quality time with them.

  1. Resist the irresistible:

Since now you know the factors that cause you to act “habitually” in a manner. You should consciously learn to avoid those “reasons”. For example if you know listening to sad songs may cause you to become aloof and distant for a long period of time- just avoid them for some time and then learn to make fun of the sadness that is being marketed through these songs.

It is YOUR life and the one and only you have got. Only you can decide how you can make it better for yourself and for those who look up to you. Replace your bad daily habits with constant efforts and perseverance.