Why Bidets Are Good For Your Health

Did you know that toilet papers can only do so little in getting your bum clean? Not everyone has a successful wipe. With the recent popularity of bidets, people get more access to better health.

Bidets are more popular in Asian countries specifically Japan than in the US. It is one of the best inventions ever created. To put it short, a bidet is a toilet that is capable of spraying water to clean one’s nether regions. Bidet toilet can be too much of a bother when you still have to get your current one removed to install it which is why other people came up with bidet toilet seats. This product can only be placed on top of an existing toilet to transform it into a bidet toilet. Easy right?

Bidet toilet seats are claimed to be more comfortable and convenient than toilet paper. It is especially true for people who have just given birth, had surgery or experience irritable bowel syndrome. Plus, you also save more money when you reduce your toilet paper usage.

Bidet Toilet Seats vs. Toilet Paper

A lot of experts say that it is better for people to ditch toilet paper. By wiping our behind, we can leave a few traces of feces. After all, a toilet paper can only do so much. Excessive wiping, on the other hand, can lead to urinary tract infections or anal fissures.

Book author, Rose George, once said that toilet papers don’t remove poo. It simply moves it. Some other celebs such as Will.i.am has expressed their view on this matter saying that by using a toilet paper to clean chocolate off a wooden floor won’t clean it entirely. As such, he highly recommends using baby wipes instead.

If not, use a bidet. It does a great job of washing any feces from your butt. It also ensures that bacteria are rinsed thoroughly which in turn will prevent any infection.

Bidet Toilet Seats for Genital Health and Hemorrhoids

Now, if you’re one of those people who bleed when they wipe, it’s best to get a bidet toilet seat. Since a bidet toilet seat is capable of using warm water as a spray, your toilet experience will be more satisfying and convenient. No more bleeding.

As people grow old, they have a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids. The pressure from warm water can help relieve the pressure in one’s anus which a bidet toilet seat is capable of providing. Researchers have also explained that warm water promotes proper blood circulation in the skin surrounding the anus.

As for women, bidets are great as a feminine wash. Nowadays, bidets are becoming more and more advanced, adding new features now and then. One such feature is the feminine wash; it helps in keeping good vaginal health.


All in all, bidet toilet seats can be seen as better than toilet paper. It also promotes good health and helps those who are suffering from genital and anal disorders.