What is the darkest side of your soul?

What is the darkest side of your soul?

On a sunny summer afternoon, you take a boat out to sea. Suddenly, a whale said something to you. You think it would be:

  1. There’s treasure on the bottom of the sea. If you want them, then come with me.
  2. I can predict the future, do you want to know your future?
  3. There is a mermaid nearby.
  4. There are a lot of sharks under your boat.

Test results:

  • Greed

The bizarre world has many temptations for you. You will seek power and money whenever you have the opportunity. Information about this can be of particular interest and importance to you. You may be able to settle for the status quo for a while, but you’ll go after money when the opportunity arises.

  • Fear

The future is unknown and no one knows what will happen. So too much speculation and worry is meaningless. You again how to pretend to calm, nameless in the heart of his rice fear always waves. You are aware of your limitations and are always anxious about your future. So you don’t have to fake it.

  • Lust

The desire to look attractive is universal. Few people are truly unattracted to beauty. Many people can only pretend that they are not interested in beauty. It turns out that excessive pretense only makes people think you’re a hypocrite person.

  • Cowardliness

Generally cowardly people have two distinct expressions, one is love and bravado, pretend to be strong; another kind of love to escape, do not conceal their cowardice. Whatever you are, it’s important to recognize this and face it. There is no absolute toughness or absolute cowardice in this world. Your cowardice actually stems from your inferiority.