Tips to grow taller fast at home

The height of a person is the first thing we notice when we meet a person. People with taller height seem to be more attractive and impressive to others. Height is a confidence booster. Hence people with shorter height tend to feel intimidated and less confident when going out in a crowd amidst taller people. While growing tall is based on genetics. There are also many ways which one can follow to increase their height.

Human growth hormone decides the intensity of human growth. The human growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland.  There are various external supplements which can help increase the production of growth hormone in the body, but it has to be kept in mind that such processes take a long time to implement and work. Here are some factors which you should consider in order to grow tall:

  1. Balanced Diet: Diet is the most critical aspect when it comes growth hormone. Developing a diet plan which meets the various requirements of the body for growth is the most effective way. It is essential for one to consume food which includes the following minerals:
  • Protein: Try to include food which is a major source of protein. Foods such as eggs, fish, soy, meat and chicken, peas etc. These foods items are a major source of proteins and they will help increase the production of growth hormone in the body.
  • Calcium: Calcium is an important mineral when it comes to growth and development of strong bones. Calcium should be consumed on a daily basis and dairy is the best source of calciums for people who are vegetarian.
  • Zinc: Zinc is known as a mighty mineral for various reason. One of the being it helps to improve the immune system as well it prevents blood clotting. Besides all these advantages, zinc is very important for the development of bones. Food such as oysters.crabs, beans, chickpeas are loaded with zinc.
  • Vitamin D:Vitamin D is not only important for skin but also bone development. Besides sunlight, there are food items which are packed with Vitamin D. Some of them are tuna, salmon, beef liver, eggs yolk and dairy products.
  1. Exercise: Exercise helps to stimulate the growth hormones. It also helps to increase blood circulation in the body which directly affects the growth and development. Swimming and cycling are two main exercises known for stretching and developing the growth factor. These two activities ensure that the body is stretched properly thus initiating a better growth hormone in the body. Everyone who would like to grow should at least spend 30 minutes exercising daily.
  2. Sleep: While exercising and diet will enhance the production of growth hormone. Sleep will ensure that your body is well rested and is not strained because of the exercise. Every adult should make sure that they get at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep.
  3. Posture: A good posture will strengthen the structure of our spinal cord and makes a person look taller. Make sure that while you sit or walk, you do not slouch.
  4. Avoid alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and smoking are known for damaging the growth hormone created by our body. Avoid alcohol and smoking as they are harmful and can cause various other problems.



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