The Use of Hypnosis as an Alternative and Complementary Cancer Treatment

Hypnotherapists believe that hypnosis can be a potent form of cancer treatment.  Some of the particular application of hypnosis will include creating rapport between patient and the medical professionals, pain control, controlling the side effects of treatment such as nausea, eliminating anxiety and visualization to facilitate self-improvement.  A hypnotherapist can conduct different type of hypnosis as an alternative cancer treatment. Experts are still reluctant about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy against cancer.  But according to recent reports, hypnosis has the power to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety and it can also normalize blood pressure.

Research on Hypnosis as Alternative Cancer Treatment

Here are some of the past studies and researches that proves the effectiveness of hypnosis against cancer.

Pain Related to Cancer

In the 1996 report released by the American National Institute for Health, experts believe that hypnosis can dramatically improve the condition of the cancer patient and reduce the pain that is caused by the disease.  Further studies in 2006, showed the incredible ability of the alternative cancer treatment. Patients especially the children who went into a surgical procedure have diminished the pain that they are feeling through hypnotherapy.  This is supported by the 2012 study that happened in Spain.

Relieving Side Effects of the Traditional Cancer Treatment

A 2006 review that involved nausea and vomiting related with chemotherapy showed that hypnosis can help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, especially on children.  However, further research is needed to support this theory.  As of today, there has only been 1 study regarding this alternative cancer treatment. Patients also reported a significant decline in their anticipatory vomiting and nausea which is caused by the cancer drugs.

Hypnosis on Hot Flashes

In the clinical trial, last 2008 that happened in America, women suffering from breast cancer has experienced minimum level of hot flashes after they went into hypnotherapy.  The hot flashes that they encountered are also mild.  In addition, their depression and anxiety problem has also lessened allowing them to get a good night sleep and perform their activities well, which make them a great alternative cancer treatment. Breast cancer patients who went into a surgical procedure have also reported a decrease in their fatigue, sickness, and pain.  In a 2006 study that was conducted in America, women who went into a biopsy experienced less pain and anxiety after their hypnotherapy.

Currently, there are no organizations that regulate the practice of the hypnotherapist in Mexico, but searching for qualified cancer treatment in Mexico is a good idea.  If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy organization that will administer this alternative cancer treatment, patients should look into their credentials.  Some of the qualified hypnotherapists are also medical professionals, psychologists, and doctors.  You can ask them some important questions in order to verify their credibility.  Ask about their years of experience as a hypnotherapist and their training.  You may also talk to them about their methods and if they possess indemnity insurance.  This is the best way to find the hypnotherapist that can provide your need.

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