The NCS – National Counselling Society

What is NCS

The NCS was established for the first time, in 1999 by a group of psychologists, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, and counselors. The society provides professional counseling in the UK. The society became one of the first organization that gained the status of Accredited Register with Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register Programme.

The National Counselling Society is a not for profit organization and the standards set by the Professional Standards Authority are being fulfilled by the organization to ensure that the services being provided are to the fullest. The organization has a code of ethics and a constitution that they follow and are bound by it.

Their philosophy is that counseling is not just a job but a vocation and that should reflect the policies made by the society. Counselling is protected by any regulations that are inappropriate and would hinder the work of the society and the creativity and diversity that they have in their training and counseling.

All the members can have their opinions. These opinions are listened to and actions are taken accordingly to ensure that no injustice happens to anyone in the society, be it a patient or a therapist.

What Does the National Counselling Society Stand For?

The society believes that the relationship between the patient and its counselor or therapist is really important and becomes really crucial for the results of the therapy. Moreover, they believe that the therapies and counseling should not be treated just as a job but as a vocation that is occupation worthy.

The NCS promotes counselors and supports counseling by providing advantages to both the training provides and the members of the society. For providing help to both the patients and the therapists, the society publishes CPD courses online that are available for the purpose of supporting those who have public facing roles and the providers of healthcare.

Due to being awarded the Accredited Register, it can be understood that they would have to have a standard that they should be following and that is exactly the case. The NCS has a set of rules and standard that they follow that have been set by Professional Standards Authority and places more emphasis on the safety of public and the protection of the interest of the clients that are members of the society.


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