Role of zinc and selenium in the body of the men

Zinc and selenium are the trace elements present in the human body bit play the vital role in various body functions. They help in various physiological and diverse systems of the body. The human body requires the specific amount on daily basis otherwise its deficiency may create certain problems. A variety of fruits and vegetables contain these elements it is good to keep diet healthy to fulfill all body requirements. Bothe men and women require these minerals for different body functions but in men, these have a special role in the reproductive system. In men the selenium and zinc play following role

Spermatogenesis and antioxidant activity.

Spermatogenesis is the process of production of the sperms. The various hormones like testosterone and the elements like zinc and selenium play an important role in the development of the healthy sperm. If the body is deficient of these agents, the person fails to produce the lively sperm that may cause a problem in conception. Sometimes the body is not able to produce the appropriate number of sperms and some men fail to ejaculate properly this is due to the deficiency of the important minerals present in the body. The erection problem may also occur to due to hormonal or mineral deficiency.

Some men prefer natural remedies and take the over counter medicines like Viagra, ginkgo, Kamagra. Kamagra tabletki comes with various strengths one can take according to his requirement.

Maintenance of healthy immune system

Zinc helps in the nourishment of white blood cell thus plays an effective role in the against infection and the disease. Both these minerals play role in development of macrophages and the natural killer cells to combat various diseases in the person.

Thyroid health

The thyroid gland is one of the important gland I the body. It plays a major role in various body functions. Different metabolic, reproductive and other hormones are controlled in thyroid, If it stops functioning properly then the body may suffer from many problems. The selenium help in decreasing the anti-thyroid antibodies thus keep the gland healthy and functional.

Prevention of chronic age-related disease

Zinc and selenium play a good role against the inflammation. They prevent from certain age-related infections due to their antioxidative properties. The person suffering from mineral deficiencies must take supplements to overcome the problem.

The men suffering from the reproductive issue must consult the doctor and take the supplements having selenium and zinc with them. It is good to take the food rich in these minerals like legumes, chicken, beef, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Those who fail to overcome the sexual related problems can take the Kamagra opinie to intake the medication confidently. Most people show positive review on the drug and say about the Kamagra is the cheap and otc drug that shows many beneficial effects. The people can intake mineral supplements as well as the natural medications to overcome reproductive organ issues and keep him confident. Always take healthy diet to improve the health conditions or you can visit for more details.

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