Is There An Issue In The Legality Of Xerendip?

When we are to buy medicines, it is very important if that particular medicine is legal in your country or not. This is to ensure not just its credibility, but also its effectiveness as a medicine. This is since these medications are to be used by many patients. There are some medicines or drugs that are legal internationally, and there are some that are legal in just their own country and to the others, not. One of which is the Xerendip. This particular medicine is made of somatropin, a form of human growth hormones, which can be beneficial in the development as well as in the treatments for various conditions.

Did you know that you can only find and buy Xerendip in the country of Mexico? Yes, you’ve read it right! It can only be manufactured, bought and distributed in Mexico. Buying it or distributing it to some other countries is punishable by law.

So before we dig deeper the legalities of Xerendip, let us first define what really is this medicine, for those who don’t have any knowledge about it. Read on to know more!

All about Xerendip

Every now and then, our own bodies do not properly create sufficient growth hormones by themselves. This is now what we know as the human growth hormone insufficiency or HGH deficiency.

In 1985, the human growth hormones were developed. It is also at this time that various manufacturers allover the world develops their own products, which aims to help in treating various conditions that are related to growth. Joining those who develop is PiSA Labs. In fact, they are the ones who develop and formulated the Xerendip.

PiSA Labs is a company that manufactures, develops and distributes various pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, they also develop some medical health devices which can be useful to both the public and the private sectors in Mexico, Latin America, and even internationally. Moreover, the product line of PiSA Labs includes pain therapy, infusion therapy, hemodialysis, chronic diseases, prescription antibiotics, infant nutrition, oncology, transplants, OTC products, ophthalmology, clinic nutrition, peritoneal dialysis, infection control, hospital antibiotics, as well as intensive care and anesthesiology.

As stated earlier, Xerendip is made from somatropin. Furthermore, this particular medicine is widely available in Mexico. in actual fact, it is sold in all of the major pharmacies all over Mexico. Xerendip is quite identical to the human growth hormones that our bodies produce. Therefore, if you have human growth hormones deficiency, Xerendip can be beneficial for you.

Furthermore, it is also used as a treatment for those who have Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome, chronic failure of the kidney, and some other illnesses. Not only that, it is also beneficial in the prevention of severe weight loss due to Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. Additionally, it can also be beneficial in treating short bowel syndrome, as well as for some other purposes.

When it comes to the legalities of Xerendip, there are some issues. Yes, it is legal in the country of Mexico, in fact, the equivalent of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Mexico –the Cofepris approve its usage and distribution all over Mexico. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) itself did not approve the distribution of the product in any other countries.

Want to know more about the legalities of Xerendip? Continue reading on!

Legalities of Xerendip

As stated earlier, Xerendip of PiSA Labs is approved by Cofepris or the counterpart of FDA or the Food and Drug Administration. Unluckily, it did not get any approval from the Food Drug Administration itself.

Therefore, it is illegal to distribute or import the product in Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, United States od America, as well as to some other countries all over the world. Take note of this, there is a risk when you take this product or medicine back to your home.

Xerendip, being a human growth hormone, is both risky and dangerous when purchased directly in Mexico. Why? This is mainly because the legal system of Mexico has a clear prohibition to pharmacists in selling human growth hormones without any prescription form a doctor.

This is actually true both medically and legally.

In fact, all the pharmacies in Mexico are mandatory to obtain a prescription from their buyers. This is to prevent the recurring use of a very similar prescription. Xerendip is widely available in almost all the pharmacies in Mexico. Just bring with you your prescription, then you’ll get what you need!

However, since the law is not enforced, there are some pharmacists who sell the synthetic human growth hormones in violation of the law. For instance, in Tijuana, one of the border cities in Mexico, the human growth hormones sale is indirectly allowed for the goal of limiting the illegal sales in that particular area.

Side Effects of Xerendip

The reason why the Food and Drug Administration or FDA haven’t approved the importation of the drug in other countries is not yet clear. Well maybe they are just thinking about the possible effects that it can cause when it is illegally imported or purchased. After all, the safety of a patient and all those who will use it is more important.

Furthermore, maybe the FDA also just want to protect us from the possible harmful side effects the medicine can bring. Here are some of the serious side effects that Xerendip may cause:

  • Numbness or tingling in the fingers, hands, or wrist.
  • Swelling of the feet, hands, face, or the whole head.
  • Severe and sudden pain behind the eyes.
  • Increased hunger, urination, fruity breath odor, dry mouth, dry skin, drowsiness, vision changes, as well as weight loss.
  • Austere pain in the upper stomach that goes through the back, causing nausea as well as vomiting, and fast heart rate.


There is no doubt Xerendip is effective. However, it is really hard to acquire it because of its legality issues. Furthermore, the reason why the Food and Drug Administration dis does not approve it is not that clear as well. Is it because of its possible side effects, or is it something else?

The only way to acquire Xerendip is to go to Mexico. But aside from it can be quite far from you, there are some other problems. This is since you will be needing a valid prescription for the medicine. So if you really are in need of the medicine, you can travel to Mexico, but bring with you your doctor’s prescription.















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