Energy bar have evolved tremendously as a healthy snack. They are modified to meet wide range of health needs. Energy bars are offer many health benefits making them better than the healthiest snacks available in the market.

  1. Energy bars make easy portable meals

Energy bars make a quick wholesome meal for people who are short on time. Energy bars are best option for people who are skipping meals more than often. Skipping meals long time between meals increased cravings for fatty and sugary foods and overeating.  This unhealthy eating practices leads to health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases etc.

Energy bars are easy to carry around and the added advantage is that they don’t require any special storing requirements like refrigeration. They have long shelf life can be can easily stacked in your desk or stashed in your bag.

These small nutritious energy bars can be used as breakfast bars, quick energy refills, meal replacers, mid meal snack or for an increased protein punch. Energy bars are small, pocket-sized snacks, which you can carry in your purse or pocket and nourish your body while on-the-run.

  1. Energy bars help count calories 

There are different types of energy bars available in the market. The low-calorie energy bars for   weight loss and maintenance, high-calories energy bars for athletes and trainers. While providing these, energy bars are also bursting with many vital nutrients like vitamin A, B-complex, selenium, zinc, calcium etc. They also contain good fiber making them filling and help you count your calories.

Energy bars or nutrition bars are always a better option when counting calories when compared to other snacks available in the market.  They are great as snacks between meals, keeping you off the unhealthy junk.

  1. Energy bars provide healthy proteins

Snacks which provide proteins are quite rare to find but energy bars the original protein bars aptly provide you need.  The Indian diet is greatly lacking in protein and energy bars can provide you with good quality proteins like whey or casein. Protein is important macronutrient is important for weight loss, sugar management, sports, muscle building, cell regeneration, immunity etc.  A healthiest of energy bars can provide up to 5-10gms of protein per bar.

  1. Energy bars contain good carbohydrates.

Most energy bars to be precise the healthiest energy bars are made with healthy natural food like whole grain cereals, oats, granola, quinoa, dried fruits and fruits which contain good carbohydrates.  This makes energy bars, ideal snack for people with diabetes or weight loss.  Energy bars with good carbohydrates are good for athletes as well as sportsman as they provide steady supply of energy instead of a sudden spike of energy. Good carbohydrates provide clean energy they keep you energized consistently throughout the day.

It is of utmost importance that you choose wisely for not all brands of energy bar are created equal and some may just be candy bars wrapped in the guise of an energy bar.

The market for energy bars has seen a tremendous rise and the supermarkets and online shops are overflowing with varieties and types of energy bar- the low calorie nutrition bars and high calorie, high protein energy bars, the gluten free, vegan and organic nutrition bars to low fat and cholesterol-free varieties. To get the best of benefits of energy bars choose wisely and select carefully.