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The human body is susceptible to wear and tear and damage of all sorts, and thereby every individual incurs inevitable expenditure in order to maintain the optimum health. Very few people are actually able to spend big amounts of money for their treatments without feeling a pinch on their pocket, in order to secure even a slight amount of financial stability, getting a health care coverage becomes absolutely mandatory. Simple Health Plans helps you to get the best health insurance plans very easily.

Maintaining the overall health of a person requires a lot of attention to every part of the body, keeping the mind to provide to the body every nutrient that is required for its maintenance. It is not just enough to provide one or two nutrients, for instance, if you think it is enough to provide proteins and carbohydrates to your body, you are not on the right track. Since the body is an extremely vulnerable thing, a lot of wear and tear occurs to it.

Simple Health Plans Describe the Quintessential Benefits of Having Balanced Nutrients

Vitamins are the nutrients which are largely responsible for preserving the longevity of the body; it is this that initiates the growth, repair of the tissues and removal of waste from the body. Vitamins are basically of two categories – the water soluble ones such as Vitamin B and C and the fat soluble ones such as Vitamin A, D, E and K. the water soluble vitamins need to be included in the daily diet because the body does not retain any excess portion of this.

The fat soluble vitamins on the other hand, are absorbed by the intestines and with the help of the lymphatic system is transferred to different parts of the body. It is important to remember that each vitamin has its own unique role to play in the process of sustaining the body and hence, all types of vitamins have to be provided to the body in some form or the other.

Vitamin A is the most useful in the regulation of cell development, it promotes teeth and bone health and is also hugely responsible for enhancing the immune system of the body. A good vision and a healthy skin can be got with the consumption of this form of vitamin.  Green and yellow fruits and vegetables, livers, butter, fish, eggs, etc are a good source of this vitamin.

Vitamin B has the several subtypes such as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. Each of these again have their own specific functions and are absolutely essential for the body. Vitamin C,D, E and K are equally important and need to be included in the diet throughout the consumption of the vitamin enriched foods.

However, the quantity of these vitamins which are be consumed should be kept in mind and as you must have now understood that the body will fall prey to illnesses and ailments it is best to keep it insured with Simple Health Plans so that you do not have go through a mental turmoil when it comes to paying off for your treatments.