Environmental Factors of Hair Loss

When you realize that you are suffering from hair loss then, first of all, you need to identify the causes. You should start by identifying the causes within your body. No doubt, hair loss situation are usually caused by the genetic behavior, but sometimes environmental factors also play their role.

Pollution And Hair Loss

Different researches have been conducted to know the fact if pollution plays a role in hair loss or not. A research that was carried out in 2008 at the University of London has revealed the fact that air pollution is one of the major causes of hair loss. The hair follicles of the victims were examined by the scientists and they have concluded their results by saying that carcinogens and toxins in the polluted air have the capability to interrupt the production of the protein the in body that is used for the hair growth. They described that the pollutant that may get access to the bloodstream or the skin cell cause the stress and don’t allow it to perform well. So, if you are living in an area that has pollution then you are prone to the hair loss.

Smoking And Hair Loss

Smoking is also linked with the hair loss. If you are a smoker or anyone smokes around you then you may lead to hair loss. Experts have conducted various researches and they got to know the fact that smoking plays an important role in making you bald. This is the reason that you need to stop smoking before 7-10 days of your treatment till 7-10 days after getting the hair transplant treatment. The hair follicles don’t grow appropriately due to hazardous effects of caffeine. Smoking doesn’t just affect the smoker but also the people around him.

Chemical Factors

The use of chemicals that are directly contacted with your hair or skin has become a source of hair loss and damaged hair. Chlorine is a chemical that is usually found in the swimming pools. This chemical may damage your hair color and hair follicles. The risk increases in the private swimming pools as the amount of chlorine is more to make the swimming pool clean. When it comes to sun exposure then the reality is that the sun exposure is beneficial for both skin and hair. However, the excess of everything is bad and so the excess of sun exposure too. Some other chemical factors include excessive use of hair straighteners, color chemicals, curlers, and other related tools that are used for hair styling.


Stress is another environmental factor for the hair loss. It is environmental in a sense that most of the times we induce stress from our surroundings. If the duration of the stress becomes prolong then it affects the growth cycle of the hair grafts that becomes noticeable in the form of hair loss. Three types of hair loss occur due to increased level of stress. Trichotillomania, Telogen effluvium, and Alopecia areata are these three types. You need to relax by using relaxing techniques and engage yourself in a calm environment to make yourself healthy. Awareness programs should also be launched that make people aware of their daily activities that may help them to be healthy.

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