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Popular Ways to Consume Weed

Before consuming weed, you must learn the ways to consume weed in the right way. By learning it, you know how to consume weed for medication. As the result, you can really solve your health problem by consuming weed. Just check the list below first.


This is considered as a popular way to consume weed because you just need to smoke the weed concentrate. To consume weed by dabbing it, you need to buy a dab nail for rig. Moreover, you also need to prepare the weed concentrate. The concentrate is made with a pen and tank which turn the weed into ready to consume concentrate.


Some people love to consume weed by using cigar paper or rolling paper. This way is known as blunts. People love to blunt weed due to its simplicity. You just need to prepare cigar paper or rolling paper. Fill up the paper with weed than roll the paper until it looks like cigarette. The different is on the size in which blunt is thicker and can hold more weed than cigarette. When the cigar paper with weed is ready, you can start to smoke it just like when you smoke a cigarette.

Pipes and Bowls

People like to choose something simple and easy including in consuming weed. This is the reason why they choose to use pipes and bowls. It seems an old school way to consume weed but pipes and bowls method is one of popular way. You just need to put the weed through the pipe or a bowl. You don’t need to do something complicated just like dabbing or blunt. When the pipe or bowl is full it means you are ready to smoke the weed. The problem is that the taste is not as good as dabbing or blunt but it is worth it to try. Just make sure that you take your own pipes and bowls or use the new one instead of using used pipe and bowl.


Bong is also a common tool used to consume weed. This tool is offered in different shape and size and even beautiful design. Because of its beautiful design, some people don’t use it to smoke weed but they only use it for decoration. One of the most used bong is gravity bong. It works by trapping the smoke with gravity and then let the smoke go to the holding chamber. When the smoke comes to the chamber, you are ready to inhale to feel the benefits. Most weed lovers use this tool because they got the taste as well as unique sensation of consuming weed.


Bubbler can be said as the miniature of bong. The reason is because the shape and size is smaller than bong but it looks similar. Because of the small size, you can put bubbler on your pocket to bring it anywhere you want. The best part is that the tool helps to cool down the smoke before it hits lungs. As the result, you may take big hits with bigger effects.


Vaporizer is also one of favorite ways to consume weed. You just need to use small tool to enjoy the weed. It just like smoking cigarette but the different is on how to prepare the weed. Vaporizer involves heating the weed instead of burning it. Even, it is considered as a healthier option due to the elimination of pain in the lungs and throat. What you have to do to consume weed with vaporizer method is by preparing the vape pen.

Edible Weed

For those who are not fans of smoking, you may try this method. Eating chewing gum is the most fun way to consume weed. One of the examples is THC chewing gum in which the ingredient is weed. Chewing gum is not the only way to consume weed. Drinking is also a fun way to do it. In fact, weed has been brewed into tea. Even, you can find some products such as soda, juice, and coffee contain of weed. The most interesting way to consume weed is by eating it! Yes, you may use weed as one of ingredients to make delicious cake. Try to find the best recipe and then try it at home.

In conclusion, weed also has health benefits as long as you consume it in the right dosage. From the list above, which ways to consume weed you like most?

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