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Chelation Therapy: is the use of a chemical to bind molecules such as metals or minerals, and keep them firmly attached so that they can be eliminated from the body.

It is said that chelation therapy serves to remove excess minerals and toxic metals or minimize their effects on the body. Chelation Therapy cost is not much high and has many benefits.

  1. Chelation Therapy works as a powerful anti-aging, improving the skin considerably. Through intravenous infusions, it is possible to directly attack the free radicalsthat are the cause of aging. In this way, metals that favor radical damage are eliminated. In this sense, Chelation Therapy protects against senile dementia and contributes to the improvement of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. It is very beneficial for patients suffering from arteriosclerosis. This pathology is based on a hardening of the arteries. Chelation Therapy will increase the flexibility of the arteries.
  3. Chelation Therapy is very suitable for patients suffering from different cardiovascular problems. It is a non-invasive treatment that, in many cases, avoids bypass surgery. In these cases, it is essential for the patient to contact the doctor who will be the one to offer specific instructions on the matter.
  4. Through chelation therapy you can avoid many of the degenerative diseasesrelated to aging. In addition, it will provide us with various improvements in metabolic processes.
  5. Patients affected by Wilson’s disease, in which the body accumulates large amounts of copper are completely suitable for treatment with chelation therapy. Through this treatment it will be possible to eliminate the heavy loads of heavy metals such as copper.
  6. Various diseases can benefit from Chelation Therapy. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosisand even some types of Parkinson’s are apt to be treated through this potent method.
  7. Chelation Therapy is a great ally of the nervous system.This treatment will reduce the problems of memory loss, stress, depression and sleep disorders. What this therapy will achieve is to considerably improve the intellectual function of the patient. In addition, this one, will notice it in the daily mood.

Through chelation therapy it is possible to avoid a large part of cardio-vascular surgeries. In addition, it is very suitable to reduce the deterioration of health caused by age, achieving the rejuvenation of the organism, since it considerably improves the oxygenation and nutrition of the tissues.

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