How does Sebum work?

Is Sebum Helpful?

If asked the question, what does Sebum do, you are surely receive negative answers that keep falling to you like the Niagara Falls. But is Sebum that bad? To understand you need to know, the function of Sebum in hair and skin. Sebum is actually the natural oil produced in the body to coat the skin and the hair. The Sebum in the dermis and the epidermis helps in keeping the layer of skin hydrated and moisturized and even water proof. But sometimes the skin over produces the sebum which can lead in acne, pimple break out and oily hair.

Sebum is fat, therefore it has an appearance of an oily substance having similarities to molten wax . Sebum is nothing but mainly fats, oil, metabolites and other such things. As the skin over produces the sebum, the cells containing sebum bursts, therefore causing release of the sebum and sometimes the release has very bad consequences. A healthy body always has a balanced sebum secretion. If secreted in balance, it helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. A fun FYI still remains that sebum is also one of the contributors of creating ear wax in the body. Although sebum is odourless in nature, but too much of bacterial breakdown due to clogging of pores and excessive release of sebum in the body might lead to unpleasant odours and oiliness of hair.

Biological Definition of Sebum

The Sebum is actually an integral part of the skin that forms a very important component of the skin structure. The fat is actually a very important component in the layers and the function of the skin, it locks the moisture back in the skin and forms a protective barrier against the dryness of the winter season, besides it also prevents excessive water from getting inside the skin. But unfortunately when too much fat and the dead cells clog in the hair pores it results in the acne and the pimples, blackheads and moles. Although , it is impossible to  completely stop the production of sebum but can definitely reduce the secretion. It should well be understood that the sebaceous secretions are the only form of natural oils in the skin and can also make the skin dry and chapped if there is serious lack of the production of sebum in the body.

Sadly enough, the production of sebum cannot be controlled external application of the skincare products you can apply on skin. You can apply any amount of face wash, cleansers, soap, lotion or cosmetics but it will not reduce the production of sebum in the body. Because the Sebum automatically reproduce what it has been stripped off. Sebum output directly depends on the hormonal glands of the body. The secretion of hormones actually control the production of sebum in the body, and any amount of beauty products could not and do not have the power to reduce the production of demand also to lubricate the dried out surface of the skin.

Ways Sebum works on scalp too.

Sebum is actually what we refer to as “grease” in our hair. It is an absolute importance to strike a balance of how sooner or later the hair should be washed, and when you find the right balance, you will naturally find the hair becomingnon oily and glowing for a longer period of time.