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Phalloplasty has come a long way as Plastic Surgery has evolved over the years. Phalloplasty is the construction or reconstruction of the penis, a common surgical choice for those who want penis growth methods. It’s also used to reconstruct the penis in cases of trauma, cancer, or congenital defect.

However, penis enlargement surgery can be highly risky. CALIBRE is a safe and non-surgical technique that is proven to increase the girth of your penis in both flaccid and erect states. What’s more is that if larger volumes of filler are used it will also increase the length of your penis when it is flaccid.

Penis enlargement is now than ever, with professionals taking care of you from all points of view. This cosmetic medical technique is safe and if required can easily be reversed, since they are using dermal fillers that have been used for filling lips and cheeks since 1990s. Just a 15ml Package will increase flaccid circumference by 1 inch, meaning around 0.5 to 0.7 inches when erect. This is an in-clinic procedure with over 1-3 sessions performed by the professional CALIBRE Doctor.

Of all types of surgery, plastic surgery can be considered one of the world’s oldest “healing” arts. The first testimonies about surgical remedies for facial injuries date back 4,000 years ago.

Indian ancestors and healers used skin grafts from 800 BC. in reconstruction operations. Later, it grew slower in the next period in European countries. In the next thousand years, Indian techniques have been introduced in Western Europe and have been refined and adapted constantly for new applications. Medicine has seen significant progress in the Greco-Roman period.

The purpose of plastic surgery

Requests for treatment of plastic surgery problems (from the patient’s point of view) can be divided into 3 major categories:

  • correcting abnormal traits (including prominent nose, ears, chin, breasts, and correcting underdeveloped breasts);
  • correcting / dimming effects caused by the aging process (removal of facial wrinkles, treatments against excessive hair loss or aggressive hair loss, lifting of various parts of the body to eliminate the appearance of lax skin);
  • relieving certain health problems (reducing cellulite, hair fragility, nails and severe dermatological conditions).

The purpose of reconstructive plastic surgery to correct any physical defects that cause deformations and abnormalities in accepted standards due to factors such as congenital defects, illness, trauma and syndromes. In addition to these aspects, reconstructive plastic surgery attempts to correct and improve and ensure the normal functioning and appearance of the body.

The goal of plastic aesthetic surgery is to improve the characteristics and appearance of the patient at a strictly aesthetic level in the absence of trauma or distortion.

When it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery, Academy Face & Body, Perth provides exemplary aesthetic anti-aging medicine, dermal therapies and liposculpture. They provide the highest standards of patient care with standard approved techniques and professionalism. At Academy Face & Body you will find a range of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery as well as non-surgical options for both aesthetic and medical treatments. Academy Face & Body is lead by Dr. Jayson Oates, an acknowledged global leader in his field, and we offer free initial consultations in order to create a personalized consultation for you.

The emotional and aesthetic effects of acne may take a long time, even after the visible signs have disappeared from your face. An explosion of acne is annoying enough, but the pigmentation spots and scars that acne leaves behind are much worse, especially in adulthood. Academy Laser Clinics offers a range of options for acne scar removal.

To treat post-acne scars and scars, it’s important to learn how to make the difference between the two concepts. Dermatologists say that often patients or patients confuse pigmentation with scars left by acne, but these signs are very different.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin after the inflammation of the face is in fact those signs or spots of brown or red color, which usually disappear when stretching the skin gently. It may take between 3 and 6 months until these signs disappear. You can speed up the healing process with a complex and targeted treatment that includes retinoids containing products, vitamin C serums, sunscreen creams, and cosmetics that bleach the skin (make it lighter).

However, actual acne scars are permanent incisions and dents arising from skin collagen damage, and these dents or scars can take many aspects or shapes. Top dermatologists say that laser treatments and dermal fillers (also known as fillers) are the only ways to treat this problem.

At Academy Laser Clinics you can find a variety of available treatments and programs to make the scars less noticeable, including:

Fractional CO2 Laser “ScarLess DOTused for moderate to severe acne scars is a fundamental component of the scar removal program. Fractional CO2 laser provides the best results for almost all types of scar tissue.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used for immediate volume. To fill or plump depressed scars, it is possible to inject dermal fillers for immediate volume. They can last between 1-2 years. However, the results are better with factional CO2 laser and more sessions will be required (3-8 sessions every 6 weeks), but this treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Skin Needling

This is a great treatment for mild to moderate acne scarring. The specialist first applies numbing cream is applied while an electric pen with medical grade stainless steel needles is passed across the skin. This is creating thousands of micro channels, that are stimulating collagen and elastin production, causing a new layer of skin to be produced and leading to a smoother skin.

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