Opening A Tattoo Shop: Everything You Need to Know

Becoming a successful tattoo artist in today’s market takes more than an eye for design and a steady hand. Opening your own tattoo studio requires not just a great artistic sense. You will also need capital, a great business plan, and plenty of other administrative support to ensure your business is not only popular but financially successful and protected.

Even if you are not a tattoo artist, you can still own a tattoo shop. If you are not supplying the talent, you will need to be sure you hire the right people to make your shop successful. Partnering up with an experienced tattoo artist can help make your dream a reality, and with their artistic vision and your business focus, you can create a successful tattoo business.

Know the Rules

Be sure to know and understand the city, county, and state health and business requirements for tattoo studios. Every area is different, and you are responsible for identifying the laws and regulations that apply in your area. There may be limitations by which you will need to abide, and your local governing division can help you find all the agencies in your area that govern tattoo businesses. Be sure to apply for all the appropriate permits and licenses, and know when you will need to renew these.

Have a Plan

Create a business plan that outlines your goals, your budget, research regarding your target market, and your plan for financing the business. Talk with an accountant about how to track your profits and losses, manage payroll, keep track of inventory, and manage all the aspects of your shop.

Select a location that will bring in traffic, and develop a marketing plan for attracting customers. Remember to budget for any improvements you will need to make to the facility as well as all the necessary equipment your artists will need to do their work safely and efficiently. You may need to talk with a lawyer if you are renting space and negotiating changes to the existing building with the owner or landlord.

Protect Yourself

Any business needs the protection that insurance can offer. Be sure to get tattoo shop insurance for you shop to protect your investment. Insurance not only covers loss of equipment and capital in case of fire, theft, or other disasters, but it also protects you professionally from liability and customer disputes. Be sure to work with an insurance agent who is familiar with the tattoo industry and has experience protecting tattoo shops. For more information about insurance for your tattoo shop, browse this site.

Hiring the right staff, starting with a solid plan, and being prepared in case of emergency are the very best strategies you can use when starting a new tattoo business.

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