So, You Are Planning to Buy Air Conditioner This Summer? Some Guidelines to Follow

The purchasing power of middle class family in India has grown over the years due to economic growth. Besides that, due to entry of many numbers of multinational companies in India, for last 2 decades the prices of many of the appliances have become quite affordable.

Air conditioners were found either in office environment or in any big mansions owned by only few rich people, who could afford the price to run such luxury item. However, now it is no longer a luxury item, but has become a necessity due to global warming. Now every summer you can read in the newspaper that the temperature has set a new high record.

Therefore, it is no wonder the sale of air conditioners has also started growing at rapid rate. There are number of well known brands like Samsung, LG, Lloyd, Voltas, Hitachi and Blue star are marketing their different ranges of air conditioners to be used for Indian homes.

What should you consider while you decide to buy any air conditioners? Since there are numbers of well known companies are trying to lure you to buy their products, so in such scenario how will you can decide about which model and make you must buy? Following are few of the criteria that you must consider while buying any air conditioner.

  • Capacity

This is the first thing you have to decide while you go for shopping any air conditioner. You should neither buy an air conditioner with higher capacity and nor of lower capacity than what is actually needed. In both the cases you will end up paying very high energy bill that you can avoid with purchase of air conditioner with right capacity. In order to decide about capacity, you must find out the square feet area of the room where you are going to install. Then choose the capacity as per following:

  1. For 120 to 140 square feet area, choose air conditioner of 1-ton capacity
  2. For 150 to 180 square feet area, choose air conditioner of 1.5-ton capacity.
  3. For 180 to 240 square feet area, choose air conditioner of 2-ton capacity
  • Type of AC

In Indian market there are two different types of air conditioners available.

  1. Window air conditioner
  2. Split air conditioner

Both types of air conditioners have their own individual pros and cons. Besides that you need to see the feasibility of installation, based on that people usually decide the type of AC. The prices of split AC are little higher than window AC however both are equally good for cooling the room effectively.

  • Energy rating

Air conditioners are available in various star rating from single star to 5-star varieties. Higher the star rating the AC will be more energy efficient and costlier too. Now you have to decide whether you want to buy cheaper model and pay high energy bill per month or prefer to buy costly model and pay lower energy bill.

  • Other features

Each different make and model comes with varieties of features and every extra feature also has their price tag too. Now based on your budget you can choose your model

  • Price and after sales service

You may compare the price and after sales facilities of different manufacturers and dealers and chose the one who offers you the best deal.

With the above information, you can now visit the air conditioner dealers and shop for air conditioners.


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